Beech Tree House

Charlottesville, Virginia

A Hillside Hideaway

The client, a couple with three school-age children, wanted to expand their well-loved cape cod to accommodate the ever-expanding needs of their young family.  Phase one of the renovation included a full renovation of the existing house, including an entirely new kitchen and dining area and a new master suite and nursery.  The latter areas occupy second floor space in a formerly unfinished attic, which now includes an expansive shed roof. The new spaces offer magnificent views of the beech tree canopies in the stream bottom behind the house.

A planned two story addition will include a larger open concept living and dining area, as well as new bedrooms which overlook a native-planted landscape and the small stream.

Finishes include natural cherry wood used throughout, in combination with cold-rolled steel accents and stair components. The air-sealing and insulation strategies were chosen to best suit the various areas of construction and include dense-packed cellulose insulation (existing frame walls), loose-fill cellulose (attics), and rigid rock wool (basement walls). Water-efficient dual-flush toilets and ultra-low flow shower heads have enabled the family to reduce their water usage by 28%. 


Project Facts

Renovation, 1750 NSF.  

Additions, 1600 NSF

Cost withheld at owner’s request

Renovation completed 2015

1611 Greenleaf Lane


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