New 1-9 School in Hinche, Haiti

Building Goodness Foundation


All Around the Mangoes

This new school for an American-based non-profit working in Hinche, Haiti will provide classrooms for children in grades 1 through 9.  The site is adjacent to an existing orphanage compound and will share resources with those buildings which are operated by the same non-profit.  The school is divided into multiple buildings and thereby keeps children in clusters of similarly-aged peers while also facilitating the construction phasing process. The proposed buildings wrap the edge of gentle plateau and frame two enormous Mango trees, around which local children frequently gather.

Resiliency planning provides for passive survivability of the complex and ensures that the new buildings can endure seismic events, tropical deluges, and hurricane-force windspeeds.


Project Architect  Steve Davis, for Building Goodness Foundation


Project Facts

22,100 GSF


Under Construction

Energy Use: Targeting zero