Transit Operations Center

City of Harrisonburg

Shenandoah Valley Goes Green

The City of Harrisonburg planned to develop a transit operations center for its growing bus fleet. This design-build proposal was located and conceived to reduce operational travel miles and increase the efficiency of the cleaning, fueling and maintenance regimes.  The site plan was arranged to incorporate and extend a planned city bike trail and to restore a degraded stream and wildlife corridor along the site’s eastern edge. 

The project consisted of four buildings arrayed around the primary bus parking lot. The office building is situated in a native-planted meadow-scape that would promote on-site biodiversity and provide visual continuity with the agrarian Shenandoah Valley landscape. 


Architect of Record  VMDO Architects | Steve Davis, Lead Designer



Project Facts

66,362 GSF

Cost Not Available


Targeted LEED: Silver

Energy Use: N/A